Supply Chain Optics

That’s Right, We Have No Catalog.

We Stock the Parts You Actually Use and Charge Less.

Supply Chain Optics for Technical ManufacturersThe entire purpose behind a catalog is to quickly provide your engineers with optical parts so that they can be designed-in to your products, in the hope that someday you will order mass-quantities.

However, the overhead required to run a catalog optics organization is huge, so the discounts that you get on volume orders simply aren’t as high as they could be.

Our philosophy is to deliberately run lean, without a catalog. And our pricing reflects that.

We don’t have those thousands of parts in stock that you will never buy.
We just maintain stock of everything that you do buy.

We only work with and support manufacturers, (not universities, government labs, or research projects), so our technical support resources are always ready and available to support your engineers and production staff.