Supply Chain Optics

Technical Optics for Manufacturers

We Specialize in Cost-Reduction.

Supply Chain OpticalMost OEM optics buyers purchase a bewildering variety of custom and catalog parts sourced from many different vendors, caused by engineering’s preference of convenience over cost. Fortunately, there is a better way. Supply Chain Optics’ global network of specialty fabricators is usually able to produce all the parts on your BOMs, simplifying purchasing and reducing cost at the same time.

Supply Chain Optics is the premier resource for hi-tech instrument manufacturers in North America seeking to reduce the cost of OEM optical components while at the same time receiving the required quality, delivery and personalized service & support.

We have become a valuable asset to our customers by economically fabricating and coating optics at dozens of carefully selected facilities worldwide, performing the most critical quality assurance functions in house, and passing on the savings.

Let Supply Chain Optics give YOU the benefits of US-based applications engineering & technical support, optical design services, an in-house, comprehensive test & measurement laboratory to verify product quality, inventory of the parts you need on our shelf, professional documentation, secure packaging, and just-in-time delivery from California to your dock.

All at prices that will meet or beat your targets.