Supply Chain Optics


We Make What You Need.

Optical Assemblies

  • Designed from scratch
  • Reverse-engineered from customer-supplied samples
  • Objective lenses
  • Video lenses
  • Relay lenses
  • Scan lenses
  • Tube lenses
  • Machine vision lenses

Liquid Light Guides

  • 300-650nm UV-VIS type
  • For fluorescence microscopy
  • For UV curing
  • For visible LED light sources

Hi-Precision Chrome-On Glass

  • Reticles
  • Stage micrometers
  • Resolution targets
  • Test targets


  • Pyrex, Quartz, and Sapphire step windows for spectroscopic probes





  • Metal-coated Mirrors (Bare metal or with dielectric protective or enhancement layers) – including Aluminum, Silver, and Gold.
  • Dielectric-coated Mirrors, including high-reflectance IBS-coated type


  • Hard-Coated IBS Filters (long-pass, short-pass, band-pass, all Ion Beam Sputtered)
  • Metallic ND filters, including linear variable and circular variable neutral density
  • Absorbing ND filters
  • Absorbing color filters

FT-IR Optics

  • Crystal windows for sampling cells
  • ATR (attenuated total reflection) prisms

TeraHertz Optics

  • High-resistivity Silicon lenses
Supply Chain OpticsLenses

  • Spherical
  • Cylindrical
  • Rod
  • Standard molded aspheric for condensers
  • Precision molded aspheric for laser collimating
  • Cemented doublet (achromat)
  • Ball
  • Hemisphere

Optical Coatings

  • Electron beam
  • Ion-Assisted Deposition (IAD)
  • Ion-Beam Sputtered (IBS)
  • Hard-carbon (DLC), usually on Germanium





  • Zero-order
  • Multiple-order
  • Achromatic
  • Cemented
  • Optically-contacted

Crystal Polarizers

  • Glan Taylor
  • Glan Laser
  • Glan Thompson
  • Wollaston
  • Rochon

IR Polarizers

  • Wire grid
  • Holographic

Case Study: Optical Inspection Equipment Manufacturer

The Challenge: An Optical Inspection Equipment Manufacturer had been purchasing a lens assembly for $300 each from one our competitors, and they were looking to reduce their costs. Their existing vendor owned the design, and the Optical Inspection Equipment Manufacturer did not know the exact parameters or specifications.

The Solution: After receiving a sample from the Optical Inspection Equipment Manufacturer, we reverse engineered the lens assembly and created a computer model of the existing design.

The Result: While reviewing the customer’s application, we enhanced the design to improve performance and provide them with a 33% cost savings. What had been costing them $300 each, Supply Chain Optics is now able to provide the item at $200 each.