Supply Chain Optics

10 Reasons

We Make a Buyer’s Job Easy.

Supply Chain Optics 1. We lower your cost without risk to your production floor.

Working with us, you adopt a proven cost-cutting strategy: “To reduce cost with relatively low risk, seek a domestic importer with an established offshore facility that has the ability to test and certify product quality. Working directly with an offshore supplier…is quite risky, if you don’t have the appropriate metrology to verify product quality.” (“Optical System Design,” 2nd edition, by Robert E. Fischer, Biljana Tadic-Galeb and Paul R. Yoder. SPIE Press, 2008. p504).

2. We make you look good.

Not only your financial people but also your engineers and your production floor will praise your decision to switch to us because we are technically competent, dedicated, personal, seriously and deeply involved in understanding the unique needs of your business and your products.

3. We maintain adequate inventory on everything you buy.

Inventory is an integral and accepted part of our business model whose intangible value outweighs its cost. We’ve found that there’s nothing like having the part in stock.

4. We provide truly personal service.

You always talk with the same people, who know and remember you, know your company, your products and your unique needs.

5. We work…you sleep.

Need a quote or have a technical question? Usually, we can have an answer the very next day. Here’s the secret – we communicate overnight in real-time with over 60 domestic and international plants. That’s right. Our team works around the clock to ensure overseas communication doesn’t delay your project.

6. We can design and reverse-engineer almost any optical assembly.

Did your engineers select a pricey optical assembly out of a catalog years ago? Now that it’s designed-in, has it turned into a cost-driver that you’re now forced to buy year after year? No problem. We can reverse-engineer most any optical assembly and actually deliver a lower-priced, higher-performing solution.

7. We manage a global supply chain of 60+ specialty manufacturers.

Like our name implies, Supply Chain Optics manages a global, low-cost optics supply chain network and applies our in-house engineering and metrology expertise to guarantee that you receive optical parts that work flawlessly at substantial savings.

8. We are flexible on push-outs, pull-ins,
JIT/Kanban PO’s, Supply Chain Opticsetc.

It seems like every one of our customers has unique needs when it comes to scheduling. We bend to accommodate them all.

9. We provide a rapid, decisive response to any problems.

Our nimble, cohesive team mobilizes quickly to resolve issues that come up with existing customers. Furthermore, our long-range sales philosophy puts long-term customer satisfaction way ahead of short-term sales numbers.

10. We are obsessive about quality assurance.

Supply Chain Optics’ key strengths are in applications engineering, optical modeling and metrology, which are absolutely necessary in order to make sure that we understand the performance your application needs and then verify product quality. Our in-house metrology laboratory is capable of measuring key properties and parameters of optical components such as transmission and reflection from 175nm to 20um, mechanical dimensions, surface accuracy, surface quality, flatness, parallelism, squareness, angle, centering, MTF, focal length and radius of curvature.

Case Study: Imaging Equipment Manufacturer

The Challenge: An Imaging Equipment Manufacturer was having difficulty with the quality of a combining prism that they were purchasing through one of our competitors. There were issues with the quality of the coating, the black protective paint, and the beam deviation specification.

The Solution: After contacting Supply Chain Optics, the Imaging Equipment Manufacturer’s engineering department worked with us to conduct an extensive review of their specifications. In the process of manufacturing the prism, our factory was challenged by the beam deviation specifications, but through training, new manufacturing methods, and constant feedback, the final product was exactly what the Imaging Equipment Manufacturer required.

The Result: Supply Chain Optics continues to manufacture the combining prism to our customer’s exact specifications, and we’re saving them money in the process.